We are a video production studio.


We help businesses and individuals like you communicate your brand and reach customers through the power of video. We have a passion for telling stories that create an emotion. We use a "user-centered" creative process and employ a suite of video production tools from conception to post-production to help you realize your vision.  If you don't have a vision... it's ok.  We can help with that too!

We are FAA registered and licensed sUAS pilots with more than 15 years of experience in media production & delivery.


Who is Spry?

Spry Media Studios. was founded in 2010 by Christopher M Daniels, in response to a rapidly changing market that was challenging independent filmmakers to stand apart from the crowd. 

Christopher is a filmmaker and designer. Born in Texas and raised in New Orleans, Christopher was formally trained in Studio Photography in California where he then spent the next nine years fine tuning his visual skills. During that time he learned the "nuts and bolts" of the creative process and the power of visual communication. As a designer, Christopher also learned the importance of collaboration and teamwork - two things he enjoys most about filmmaking.

Christopher's visual style could be characterized as “cinematic reality". He enjoys exploiting depth, richness and motion with a style usually reserved for cinematic photography but always manages to keep his images grounded and real.